Thursday, September 5, 2013

And now for the answers to the most pressing questions for the week 0 Aloha discussion...

Aloha Discussion
  1. What is your intention for this course (why are you here)?
    My intention... is to participate in my very first mooc experience, make some new connections through the virtual classroom, discover new ideas about online teaching through the conversations and assignments, and have some fun while doing all of that!  Also, I really like to learn new things and this satisfies my craving for new knowledge in a constructive manner.
  2. What issues do you think are important?
    As in any classroom, whether online or face-to-face, the most pressing issues are interactivity for students and application of what they are to learn.  Of course, it is always important to know what students should learn, identify and develop how they will learn and then assess the learning so that is on the list too, but just not at the top of my personal list.
  3. How will contribute?
    I plan to contribute by participating as much as possible in the blogs and in my own personal research reviewing other websites and published literature (whether print or online) relating to online learning and the psychology of learning.  And I'm hoping to not only be a sponge but actually have something of substance to say now and then to help others!
  4. How would you like to see community develop among participants?
    Oooo - what a great question!  And my answer is I really don't know.  Perhaps some group work now and then via synchronous and asynchronous tools or based on subjects of interest might be a couple of ways to develop the community.  What this mooc has already started is the synchronous webinar-type of presentations and once the participants get over initial shyness, I'm hoping we will be a lively and chatty group!
  5. These types of courses are new for most people. In fact about 90% don’t even participate. How will you overcome the fear of learning in the open and the frustration of using new technology? How do you plan to courageously work through any setbacks, and not give up?
    Again, another great observation and prompt.  For myself, I'm fairly confident that using new technology will not be too frustrating since I work in the online world daily.  As for learning in the open, I will follow my own general advice and say that whatever I put out in the open should be something I don't mind eating later (in case I need to eat my words).  My best guess about setbacks is that these will mainly be in the form of time allotted to accomplish tasks.  Life does not seem to get easier or less busy as I age so TIME will be the greatest hurdle.  With that thought in mind, I'm going to do some planning, list the items that need to be accomplished, schedule some time to get work and research completed and then re-evaluate and jump back in when there are the inevitable interruptions!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

To mooc, or not to mooc... that is the question...

It's been a while since I last posted to this blog even though it is supposed to be all about education!  So, to get started again, apparently a prod in the form of a mooc is what it takes.

This mooc is about How to Teach Online and since I work in the online world every day, it seemed like a good idea to actively look for and participate in this topic.

For those who do not know me, Hello! I'm Angela and I'm and Instructional Designer.  It's a job that I love even though there are occasional terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days.  Fortunately, several family members and friends remind me that some days are like that, even in Australia!

If you follow these ramblings, you will watch and learn about my mooc journey and I hope you enjoy it as much as I expect to!